Whitney®: Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes: Experts point out the importance of personal hygiene at every opportunity in combating the virus. We believe that the hygiene awareness developed due to the pandemic will turn into a general behavior. By our R & D studies, we developed a product that moisturizes the skin and cleanses the skin from microorganisms without causing irritation on the skin, and we started to produce this product for different areas of use. As a result of accredited laboratory analyses, we have seen that Whitney® Antibacterial wet wipes are 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria on the hand or on the wiped surface. Our product does not contain alcohol; it is a water-based product. In its formulation, active chemicals capable of killing microorganisms such as bacteria are used. In addition, by these effective chemicals, it provides protection for a while in the applied area. The pH of our product is suitable for the skin. (pH = 5.5)


Whitney®: Baby Sanitizer

Whitney Baby Cleaning Wipe provides effective cleaning and care for your babies' skin with its soft special woven fabric. Dermotologicallytested.
pH value is compatible with your baby's skin.

Whitney® Patient Cleaning Towel

Whitney® Body Cleaning towel is especially used for hospitalized patients in intensive care units or wards and bedridden patients in need of home care. * TOWEL SHOULD NOT CONTACT OPEN AREA OF INJURIES DURING CLEANING.